Eurasian Common Moorhen Pictures and Detail

Eurasian Common Moorhen, Moorhen, Duck
Two Eurasian Common Moorhen

Eurasian Common Moorhen Pictures and Detail 

During my visit to the Kandi forest in Punjab in search of Peacock pictures, I came across a small water reservoir which was a sand dam to collect following water. Here I found a few black birds floating on the water. Later, I found that these are Eurasian Common Moorhens. 
Common Moorhen, Swimming,
Common Moorhen Swimming 

There were dozen of Common Moorhen present in this small artificial water lake. I visited this place three times and everytime, I found these birds. The scientific name of these birds is Gallinula Chloropus and they are also called Swamp Chicken. Indian Common Morrhen belong to the Rallidae family of birds.

Eurasian Common Moorhen, Common Moorhen,
Eurasian Common Moorhen
These birds looked shy in nature and they were moving away from me as I was approaching near them. Common Moorhens are omnivorous. It eats seeds, water-vegetation, algae, small fishes, aquatic plants, tadpoles, insects, berries, grass and many more.

Common Moorhens, Group,
Group of Common Moorhens

Eurasian Common Moorhens are very good swimmers and then walk like hen on the ground. Some species of this bird are reported to migrate long distances. We can commonly found them in the small lake, fresh water reservoirs, canals, ponds etc.

Eurasian Common Moorhen
Eurasian Common Moorhen

Eurasian Common Moorhens either make their nests few feet away from the water or on floating plants in water. They lay 4 to 10 eggs and these eggs hatch in around 20 days time.

Common Moorhen,
Common Moorhen 
It is really nice experience to take some pictures of Common Moorhens and I hope to get closer pictures of them in the next meeting with these birds.

Common Moorhen, Moorhen,
Common Moorhen 


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