The Eurasian stone-curlew Pictures and Detail (Burhinus oedicnemus)

Eurasian stone-curlew, male
The Eurasian stone-curlew

The Eurasian stone-curlew Pictures and Detail (Burhinus oedicnemus)

While moving in the search of Peafowls, I came across a pair of these birds. My wife, pointed out that there is a bird on the ground on her side. Soon, we noticed that it is the pair of birds. Later, I searched for this bird and found that it's name is Eurasian Stone-curlew. It is also known as stone curlew and Eurasian thick-knee. Its scientific name is Burhinus Oedicnemus and it belongs to Burhinidae (Stone-curlew) bird family.

Stone-curlew, female,
Stone-curlew (female)
I saw Eurasian stone-curlew for the first time and I was lucky enough to get some of their pictures. The best way to recognize these birds is to look for yellow bleak with black tip. These birds are mainly noctarnal in nature; therefore, we don't find them much in day.

Pair, Eurasian Stone-Curlew,
Pair of Eurasian Stone-Curlew
These birds are found in Europe, north Africa and many parts of Asia. Eurasian Thick-Knee mainly eat insects, small reptiles, rodents and frogs. These birds migrate in summers and winters to the suitable locations.

The Eurarian stone-curlew is highly vocal during the spring and summer season. These birds are shy in nature and don't like human presence or disturbance.
Eurasian Thick-Nee
Eurasian Thick-knee
Eurasian stone-cirlew creates their nests on the ground and even fight with dogs and other big animals to save their eggs. I found the pair of these birds and because of their cryptic plumage, it is hard to find them on the ground.

In future, I will like to take more pictures of shy bird Eurasian stone-curlew or Eurasian Thick-Knee. I want to thanks my wife for showing this bird to me.


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