Asian Paradise Flycatcher Pictures and Detail (A bird from the Paradise) (One of the most beautiful birds, I ever seen)

Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Male
Asian Paradise Flycatcher Male

Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Female
Asian Paradise Flycatcher Female

Asian Paradise Flycatcher Pictures and Detail

As the name suggests, when you see these birds for the first time, then it looks that you are seeing some birds from the paradise. These birds are very beautiful and fly very slowly from one branch of the tree to another branch like a weightless object is flying. 

The scientific name of these birds is Terpsiphone paradise and they are one of the most beautiful birds, I have ever seen. The male birds have a white colored body with long tail and glossy black colored head. Female birds are Rufous on the back and grayish throat and underparts.

Female, Asian Paradise Flycatcher
This is the advantage of bird photography that you get a chance to see the beauty of life so deeply. It was a lit bit challenge for me to capture the pictures of male and female Asian Paradise flycatcher because of their shy nature, they were flying away.
Female, Asian Paradise Flycatcher
Female Asian Paradise Flycatcher 
After two months of chasing these birds, I become lucky by a sudden visit of a female Asian Paradise Flycatcher around me. I got a chance to capture some of its pictures; though to take the pictures of the male Asian Paradise Flycatcher it took me even more time.

Male, Asian Paradise Flycatcher
Male Asian Paradise Flycatcher 

Asian Paradise flycatcher birds are native to Asia and we can find them in the long geographical area. The young males are rufous colored and they have a short tail.  These birds are found throughout India and we can find 14 sub-species of them depending on their color and size.
Female, Asian Paradise Flycatcher

The best way to find these birds is through their sharp and loud skreek-streek calls. As the name suggests, Asian Paradise Flycatchers eat insects and they catch them during the flight like other flycatcher birds.
Female, Asian Paradise Flycatcher

Asian Paradise flycatcher is migratory birds and in winters they move to tropical  regions of Asia to avoid harsh winters. There breeding season is May to July and they give two to three eggs. We can find them mostly in pairs following each other.
male, Asian Paradise Flycatcher

I have a wonderful experience while taking pictures of these beautiful birds and I hope capture more in future. 


  1. i had one in my it not found rarely in our areas.recently i was found.