The Himalayan Bulbul (Pycnonotus leucogenys) or White Cheeked Bulbul Pictures and Detail

Himalayan Bulbul, Wild Cherry, White Checked Bulbul
Himalayan Bulbul with Wild Cherry

The Himalayan Bulbul (Pycnonotus leucogenys) 

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Around my native village in the Baijnath Town of Himachal Pradesh, it is very common to see Himalayan Bulbul birds. I love their sweet voice and beautiful look. I love to chase them with my camera whenever I visit my village. (updated 20-02-2020) Bulbul birds are very attentive birds and in the picture below, you can see a White Cheeked (Himalayan) Bulbul bird closing monitoring something. Also, check pictures of Red-Vented Bulbul

White cheeked Bulbul, Himalayan Bulbul,

The scientific name of Himalayan Bulbul is Pycnonotus leucogenys. These birds come under the category of songbirds because of their sweet voice. They belong to the Pycnonotidae family of birds. Mostly, we find these birds in pairs and sometimes in the groups. 
Himalayan Bulbul, White-Cheeked Bulbul, Himachal Pradesh.
Beautiful Pair of Himalayan Bulbul

I love the god gifted hairstyle of these birds which is sharper in male Himalayan Bulbul birds and we can find many similar hairstyles in many young males, It looks that they must have copied it from Himalayan Bulbul bird. It is a small bird with an average weight of 27 to 35 grams. We can recognize these birds with the pale yellow color of their underside.
White, cheeked, Bulbul, Himalayan,

It is common to find these birds in pairs or in small groups. Mostly, they are friendly birds and come very close to humans. At the village, few of Himalayan Bulbul birds come daily to eat rice which we put in the feeder for the house sparrows.

Himalayan Bulbul, sparrow
Himalayan Bulbuls eating Rice

You can notice white cheeks of Himalayan Bulbul and because of these white cheeks, they are also known as White Cheeked Bulbul. Their main food is insects and flies; however, they eat grains and fruits too.

Bulbul, Himalayan,
Female Himalayan Bulbul 

It is common to witness the presence of white-cheeked Bulbul in northern India. This bird is also found in adjoining hilly countries around India like Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.

Himalayan Bulbul, Guava,
Himalayan Bulbul Eating Guava
In the above picture, you can see a Himalayan Bulbul Bird eating a Guava Fruit. This picture is taken near Baijnath in Himachal Pradesh.

I got one more pic of Himalayan Bulbul with a wild cherry in its beak. The main secret of the beauty of these wild birds lies in the natural food they eat.

Himalayan Bulbul, Himachal Pradesh,
Himalayan Bulbul (Himachal Pradesh)
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