Grey Bush Chat (Saxicola ferreus) Pictures and Detail - A Bird who loves to be photographed

Grey Bush Chat, (Saxicola ferreus)
Grey Bush Chat (Saxicola ferreus) Male

Grey Bush Chat (Saxicola ferreus) Pictures and Detail (Click to Tweet)

Chat Birds are very interactive birds and they don't fear you much. Like the Brown Rock Chat which I covered earlier on this blog, Grey Bush Chat is also a very friendly bird and doesn't fear to come close to you. Brown Rock Chat is found in lower parts of India while Grey Bush Chat is a Himalayan Bird and I found it in Himachal Pradesh near Baijnath.

Grey Bush Chat, Saxicola ferreus
The scientific name of Grey Bush Chat is Saxicola Ferreus and they belong to Muscicapidae family. It is found mainly in the Himalayan region including countries like India, China, Nepal, Thailand and up to Taiwan. The size of the Grey Bush Chat is similar to Brown Rock Chat (14-16 cm long). However, its color is Black and grey. 
Grey Bush Chat (Saxicola ferreus)

The Top of Grey Bush Chat is Black/grayish while its bottom is white or whitish-grey. There is a black patch around their eyes. The female birds are dull brown. These birds can be seen around fields, the human population, and near forests. 
Grey Bush Chat (Saxicola ferreus)

As Brown Rock Chat can be found up to a height of 1300 meters, on the other hand, Grey Bush Chat is found in higher reaches. Those people who live in the Himalayan region then must have noticed these tiny birds. Though, grey bush chats are less common as compared to Brown Rock Chat. 
Grey Bush Chat (Saxicola ferreus)

The diet of grey bush chat is similar to Brow rock chat, they mainly eat insects. Grey Bush Chat also come in the category of song birds because of their ability to make sweet sounds. 

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