Indian Scops Owl (Otus bakkamoena) Pictures and Detail (A mid-sized Owl and my close encounter)

Indian Scops Owl (Otus bakkamoena)

Indian Scops Owl Pictures and Detail-

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My first encounter with an owl is from my childhood when I was around 10 years and I climbed a building in search of the kit then near a window a saw a bird (at that time I have no knowledge about birds) which was not flying away despite my closeness. I left him unharmed because I have always loved the birds.

Later, when I described my experience to my father then he told me that it must be an owl. He further told me that owls are unable to see clearly during the day and it must be the reason that he did not fly away. 

Indian Scops Owl

I like these birds because of their mysterious nature and our fewer encounters with them. Many people don't like owls and think that they bring bad luck; however, I don't believe all this and love to have them around. 

Despite taking bird pictures from a few years, I remain unsuccessful in taking pictures of the owl because they are mostly active at night and second they are very good at hiding themselves in the surroundings because of their looks. I first become successful with Asian Barred Owlet by getting some of his pictures.  

Indian Scops Owl with Closed eyes
Indian Scops Owl with Closed eyes

My second success comes with a sudden and close encounter with Indian Scops Owl. Suddenly, the owl in the above pictures was chased by crows and while running away he landed at our school. For sometimes, he stayed there because crows ran away by seeing many people. First, I thought that he must be injured but on close inspection, he looked fine. After staying for some time, he again flew away to the next destination. 

The scientific name of this owl is Otus bakkamoena and it is native to South Asia. It is a small owl but bigger than an owlet. The average size of this owl is between 23-25 cm. Indian Scops Owl is a nocturnal bird. God has provided them a natural camouflage and therefore, it very hard to find them on a tree. I was lucky to find it on the ground. 

 The color of the Indian scops owl is grey and brown with strikes of brown or black lines on the body. The color of its eyes is orange. These colors and looks of the owl provide him a natural morph. 

This owl came to me like it wanted his pictures to be clicked and I am feeling lucky that I was present there on that day. I hope that I will have more encounters with him in near future. 


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    I am sure it's a male bird
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